How to Seduce a Woman with Words

Do you ever wonder why some good-looking and dashing young gentlemen have trouble seducing women, while some average-looking men have no trouble getting the women of their choice to date them? Well, truth be told, it all lies in the magic of their words. Although female seduction in itself is an art, making sure you use the right words at exactly the right time will guarantee the best results in the end.

Believe it or not, every man has the power to seduce any woman that they want, including you. You simply need to learn how to put that power to use along with the right words, so you can seduce your woman of choice. Here are several tips to help you out.


  • Exude a Positive Vibe.

Be charming and funny, and be everybody’s friend. Always speak positively about people and make it a point to make friends anywhere that you go. This way, whenever a woman hears something about you, you can be sure that it will be a positive thing and this will make a positive impact on her in return. With enough practice, you are sure to see more and more women flock towards you without you even having to do anything.

  • Talk about Sex Naturally.

Whenever the topic of sex comes about, you shouldn’t treat it like a taboo subject; otherwise, women might feel too embarrassed to join in the conversation, much less get the thought of having sex with you into their heads. Instead, talk about it in a way that will make women feel comfortable. Sex should never sound cheap – remember that. It should sound like a normal topic that anyone can talk about in a normal and genuine manner.

  • Do Not Mimic Other Men.

No matter how successful other men might seem in the seduction department, you should never follow their lead. In fact, it would be vital for you to be unique in every way. So, even if you constantly hear other men throwing cheesy pickup lines at women or sweet-talking their way into their skirts, ignore them and get women to fall for you in other ways instead.

  • Make Her Laugh.

If you can get a woman to laugh a lot whenever you talk to her, then you can be sure that she will enjoy your presence and will want to keep seeing you. Humor is always a key trait to have if you want to make a woman like you.

  • Practice Speaking Seductively.

Whenever you talk to a woman, you should consciously make it a point not to talk about yourself too much and to always speak seductively. This might take some practice in the begging, but even if you are talking about something completely emotionless, try to add a bit of sensuality and a little flirtation into your voice. Of course, it would be important to speak this way when you talk about your desires, as well. If you talk about your dreams of spending your honeymoon on a romantic beach or a hot location like Paris, for instance, make sure you talk in a way that will make it pleasurable to a woman’s ears.